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The Carnegie Branch Library for Local History archive collects and preserves our community’s memory for future generations of researchers. Written, visual and audible materials created by and about Boulder-area residents are housed in our documents room, and are available to the public and scholars for research. Collections documenting early geographic, cultural and social regions of Boulder County include:

  • documents
  • historic Boulder and Boulder County newspapers in microfilm ranging from 1869-present as well as the Boulder Daily Camera archives organized by last name and subject.

Genealogy Resources

  • obituary indexes (1859-1925 and 1960-present).
  • mortuary and burial records
  • histories and directories for various Boulder churches.

This collection is in the process of being cataloged and is searchable online.

Obituaries can be requested through our Ask A Local History Librarian Service. Please read our research policies before filling out the form.

It's Interesting

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