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By Colleen B. Eggett, American Fork Public Library DirectorSperling’s Best Places describes American Fork, Utah as a wonderful, happening place. The growth rate is rapid and it’s a marvelous place to raise a family. There is room to grow. There are two major universities nearby, outstanding natural resources, and it’s close to absolutely everything while remaining unaffected by much of it. That makes for a great recipe for success.

I would like your ideas on what would make the Library great. Please tell us your ideas in this short survey. Or, use this QR code to access it.

Here are some of my thoughts for how our library can evolve.

Keep doing those key functions of the library that are so important in the community. Continue to build our image and presence in the community. Everyone will know us and benefit through the library. Understand better than anyone else what the community wants and needs from us. Use Abundant Community Planning to determine the needs. Continue to grow the American Fork Library in dynamic ways that keep up with current technologies, using best practices from other Utah and nationwide libraries. Use technology to increase cost efficiency within the available resources and keep up with growth, as well as to enhance collections, programs, spaces, and services. Collaborate freely in the North Utah County Library Cooperative Library Services, using our collective experience to help us all. Build the American Fork community. Get involved in the community and get the community involved in the library, reading and literacy. Work with others to secure funding for expansion of the Bryan McKay Eddington Learning Center. Use great design and appealing features in creating a new space. Keep a close connection between the Learning Center and the Library. Completely value Sheena’s great contributions to the community and the library in the many years she was here.eBooks and e-Audiobooks Build on what she and the staff accomplished. Use and promote the incredible resources that we already have at no cost to us through Pioneer: Utah’s Online Library. Customize it to the American Fork Library. Online local newspapers Heritage Quest genealogy Auto repair manuals and service tips Learning Express GED, SAT, ACT, GRE tests, more Continue to make our online presence dynamic and evolving. Use social media and our website to inform and engage the community. Use online registration (free) for Storytime, Programs, Summer Reading.
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  • XMission was the first and is one of the few remaining independent Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Utah, United States, founded in late 1993 by Pete Ashdown. Starting in 2003, the company began providing free wireless in public libraries and some local businesses. By the Summer of 2005, XMission worked out an agreement with Salt Lake City...
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