Technology Grants for Libraries

Star Grants totaling $36,568

TSLAC recommends that potential applicants attend and/or view the following webinars:

  • TSLAC Grant Funding Opportunities for FY2016 - Tuesday, January 13, 2015, at 2 pm
  • Applying for TSLAC Grants: What You Need To Know - Thursday, January 29, 2015, at 2 pm

Focused on broad community needs for business/workforce development, digital literacy, family and early childhood literacy, and electronic access to information, Impact Grants are designed to distribute funding as broadly as possible to impact lives throughout the state.

Special Projects Grants provide funds for programs that expand library services to all members of the library's community. Cooperation Grants provide funds for programs that promote cooperative services for learning and access to information.

Texas Reads Grant Recipients - FY 2015 | FY2014 | FY2013 FY2012 | FY2011 |

TexTreasures is an annual grant program designed to help libraries make their special collections more accessible for the people of Texas and beyond. Activities considered for possible funding include digitization, microfilming, and cataloging. This year the program includes an option for smaller libraries with little or no experience with digitization, TexTreasures Basic.

Past recipients

Includes grant recipients by program, award amounts, and brief descriptions of grant projects.

To Apply for and Manage TSLAC Grants

In addition to managing the competitive grant application process, GMS allows grantees to manage all aspects of their grant programs, including:

  • submitting performance and financial reports;
  • submitting program and budget revisions; and

It's Interesting

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  • Digital Opportunity Investment Trust (DOIT) is a proposal to create a United States federal trust to distribute, for educational purposes, funds to be raised by public auctions of licenses to use radio frequency bands.
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