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In my blog reading I have discovered that March is national reading month, just a random mention of an under-publicized holiday to kick off my exuberant pitch for libraries and especially for Salt Lake County Library. Go to for endless resources.

Having three daughters brings a high need for low-budget entertainment. I have fond memories of library visits from my childhood, but I have gone well beyond the occasional visit to the regular weekly and even more frequent visit. With the oftenness of our family moving of late I found that no matter where we were the public library is a go-to for story times, often a nearby park, quiet time, DVDs, magazines, and obviously . . . books.

That being said our local library system, the Salt Lake County Library is O U T S T A N D I N G. The children’s section has every book we have ever searched for even in multiple copies in one location. They have no qualms about having 6 copies of the same book lined up right next to each other on the shelf or stacked on top so that if one person grabs one there are still more for the next several visitors. The same is true in the magazine section, there is an exhausting variety of choices and even multiple copies of the same issue from the same month. I have never seen such an unabashed supply, they must have 4 subscriptions to some of these magazines. Somebody really gets it over there! If I go looking for a copy of Real Simple or Parenting sure I’ll pick up one from a couple months ago, or maybe this month from last year, but what I’m really looking for is the current articles, trends, advice, etc. in the most current issue, and that’s what I get at SLCo library. (Not to be confused with Salt Lake City Public Library which is a separate system with which I have yet to become acquainted, but I hear the building is an experience in and of itself.)

It's Interesting

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