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Salt Lake County Library Services has been recognized by our own employees in the 2014 Salt Lake Tribune’s Top Workplaces employee study.

“The results confirm what I have always known, that the Salt Lake County Library is a great place to work.” - Library Director Jim Cooper

Salt Lake County Library Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Looking for a great place to work? Salt Lake County Library Services consistently ranks among the top ten U.S. libraries that serve general populations from 500, 000 to 999, 999. Library employees work in a variety of positions at one of the 18 libraries or in the administrative, support services or facilities departments.

Work Hours/Benefits

Salt Lake County Library Services is a division in the Human Services Department of Salt Lake County. Individuals who are hired into a library merit position work a set number of work hours each week—20, 30 or 40 hours per week—and are assigned to a specific location. Work schedule and location are subject to change to meet the needs of the Library. All merit positions, whether full time or part time, are eligible for benefits.

Online Employment Center

Salt Lake County Personnel maintains an Online Employment Center. Current County openings (including Library positions) are listed by job title. The job announcement for each position includes a general description of job duties and minimum qualifications (education and/or work experience). The last day to submit an application is listed for each opening. Only top ranked applications will qualify for an interview. Some positions may require testing.

Only online applications will be accepted for merit positions. The first time an individual applies for an opening, he/she must complete a registration process. To access the County’s Online Employment Center, click here:

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