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Albuquerque Library patrons

We know you value your library card. Library card ownership is also a responsibility.
Below is some information to help you take good care of your account, and ensure your access to Library services for years to come.

Account privacy and security. You are required to enter your library card number and PIN whenever you access your account online, check out at a self service machine, or log in to a Public Computer at the library. To make sure we are working with the proper cardholder, you will be asked for your library card number when you call us to inquire about your account, renew items, or place holds. You will also be asked for your photo I.D. when checking out materials at our service desks. These are all steps the library takes to make sure your account information and library resources are protected. We understand this may be perceived as an inconvenience, but requiring a PIN, card number and/or I.D. helps us ensure your library account is safe, secure, and private.

ABC Libraries have various, designed for the needs of all our customers. New Mexico residents who provide photo I.D. and proof of address receive cards with full privileges. Other cards are available for out-of-state visitors, children, and those who are unable to provide either photo I.D. or proof of address.

Do not lend your card. Library cards are issued to individuals and are non-transferable. You are responsible for everything checked out on your card. Keeping your card for your personal use is the best way to make sure you are not charged for materials you do not have in your posession.

Report a lost or stolen card immediately by contacting Customer Service at (505)768-5170 | or your local branch. Reporting your lost or stolen card blocks your account and prevents you from being financially responsible for items checked out without your permission. Further, it protects library resources.

Return or renew all borrowed materials on time and in good condition. This keeps your account in good standing.

  • Renew items through My Account online, by calling your local branch or Customer Service at (505)768-5170 (please have your card number ready when making this call), or by visiting your local library.

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