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Family Search CenterIn Salt Lake, begin a journey to discover who you are. All of us have a story, and our stories stretch back for generations. Does your family history have witchcraft, kings, horse thieves, honorable men, or a combination of them all? You won't have to travel all over the world to trace your roots, you can start your journey of discovery in Salt Lake: the Genealogy Capitol of the World.

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Family History Library

FamilySearch Center

If you're new to Family History, we have the perfect place to start. Salt Lake is home to the FamilySearch Center — friendly (and free) staff can help you get started on over 100 individual computer stations with access to family history resources.

It's bold that we claim to be the Genealogy Capitol of the World, but we have the facilities to back it up. The Family History Library is the largest library of it's kind in the world with access to over 2.4 million rolls of microfilmed genealogical records. That means when you plan a research trip to Salt Lake there's more than likely going to be something for you to find.

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  • The Leonardo is an art, science, and technology museum in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. It is housed in the former site of the main branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library. The museum opened on October 8, 2011.
    The mission of the Leonardo Museum (named after the artist and scientist Leonardo DaVinci) is to fuse science...

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