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“I told the Draper brethren that the foolish man built his house upon the sand, but they just didn't get it.” “Ah, Draper, Utah. She shall surely be a good spot for the next Ikea.”

Draper (Flag) (Seal) Motto: Now we've got a Panda Express! Nickname: "Crossroads of the Wasatch Front" CornerCanyongrad
Official languages Government
Mayor Republican Police State
Mark Smith-Radagund Independence
Date from Sandy is a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah, though Draper claims the reverse (and correctly claims that Salt Lake claims the reverse, and so on ad infinitum). It is notoriously known as the snobbiest area of the world, while still maintaining the low-brow ideas that make suburbs suburbs. It is perhaps the most suburban of all suburbs. It is where a 24-year-old child bride with six children can watch crap like Pirates of the Caribbean with her family while staying home all day in her palatial house near a motocross rally as she and her fellow denizens of Draper still refuse to let the Church build a thrift store in their community or allow the BLM to prevent deforestation by maybe not developing that scenic property Ol' Man Smith just put up for sale. Heck, even Pepperwood thinks they're jerks!

Draper is home to Utah's first Ikea, opened in Spring 2007. Called the answer to Utah's "desperate culture problem" by the Salt Lake Tribune, Ikea has brought cheap foreign furniture into Mormon homes.

Historical Draper Park dates back to the early Twentieth Century.

Draper was founded in 1858 by William FitzPatrick Draper, a noted Mormon and idiot who had previously tried to build towns under the Great Salt Lake and on top of Mount Everest. His ill-thought-out attempt to build a city on swamps and sandhills somehow worked, bringing us the earthquake disaster waiting to happen that is now Draper.

In 2004, the Citizens of Draper City, despite being fanatical Republican militants, voted in favor of a tax increase to pay for the purchase of key pieces of property in the Corner Canyon area from private conservationists. The need for this purchase was to increase the amount of money the city government has to use for bribes and graft and to ensure the only pristine area of Draper is sold to developers by 2012. In the fall of 2005, key properties were identified and purchased for the development of a "regional park" (read "subdivision started through 'honest graft'"). The result was the purchase of 1, 021 acres of property to be created in the the Corner Canyon Regional Park which will consist of parks, trails and thousands of more houses which are too big for their owners.

In August 2006, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints broke ground for a temple in the fast growing...

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