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DPLA wants you! We are looking for volunteers to help us spread the word in local communities. If you are enthusiastic about open access, digital collections, and the potential of a national digital library, get involved in outreach for DPLA by volunteering as a DPLA Community Rep. Visit our Meet the Reps page to learn about our fabulous first three classes of Community Reps.

DPLA Community Reps will:

  • Organize activities that promote DPLA as a portal, platform, or public option using DPLA materials;
  • Share materials and feedback from outreach efforts (blog posts, group notes, images, video, etc.);
  • Check in with DPLA staff about progress and share experiences via the DPLA Reps listserv;
  • Collaborate with DPLA staff and other Reps to plan and pursue new outreach initiatives or DPLA-related projects;
  • Be willing to participate in speaking or event opportunities as requested by DPLA; and
  • Represent DPLA formally as an acknowledged Rep on our website and informally through various networks.

In the past, Community Reps have also helped with DPLA-related projects, including education research, hackathons and app development, usability studies, and creating new resources for other Reps and the wider DPLA community.

The Community Reps program works with the community outreach arm of DPLA and is not involved with the recruitment, aggregation, or digitization of new content. DPLA Community Reps are volunteers.

Reps will receive DPLA materials to use in their efforts, including a slidedeck, event ideas, fact sheets, and promotional swag (stickers, pens, etc.). DPLA staff will also offer periodic webinars to share updates, new activities, and new resources. We anticipate that being a community rep will require only a small commitment of time.

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  • The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is a project aimed at bringing about a large-scale public digital library. It was launched by Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet & Society in 2010, with money from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. It "aims to unify such disparate sources as the Library of Congress, the Internet Archive...

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