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Consolidate billing and simplify accounting. Use your deposit account to pay for any Amigos service or product—training, databases, consulting, and more.

Our focus is to provide e-books for libraries and their patrons by negotiating directly with the publishers. Once the platform is in place, libraries may access it through an Amigos search interface or a local library catalog.

In partnership with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Amigos Library Services now provides a comprehensive program of support and assistance to the public libraries of Texas.

Amigos has developed a team of individuals with experience in a variety of areas. This extensive experience and knowledge in library services will assist your organization with concise, focused, and informative recommendations, either onsite or remotely, to fit your needs.

Amigos’ online and face-to-face learning sessions cover an array of topics important to libraries from technology, imaging and preservation, reference and technical services, to management. Amigos is an IACET-certified leader, bringing the online learning experience to libraries nationwide.

Preserve your rich cultural heritage and get more funding for preservation projects through Amigos. Our highly knowledgeable team supports all your digitization, preservation, and disaster recovery efforts.

Our vendor partners supply a full range of electronic resources while we handle billing, support, and renewals. Amigos negotiates discounted pricing and streamlines billing through your member deposit account.

OCLC has products and services for nearly every aspect of library management. Amigos serves its member libraries and customers as a Certified Training Partner.

Amigos' members, access your account online, anytime.

The reciprocal borrowing agreements, the Amigos Resource Sharing Agreement and the Amigos Western Resource Sharing Agreement, are designed to enhance resource sharing among Amigos members. Participating libraries consent to loan at no charge to other signers. Participants in the reciprocal borrowing programs not only benefit financially, they also save time and strengthen the benefit for all other resource sharing agreement participants.

Participating institutions obtain unlimited delivery and receipt of packages for a low annual subscription rate with our 2, 3, and 5-day-per-week interlibrary courier service.

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